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Double Sided Paper Foil / Facing Foil

PAPER FOIL / FOIL  :  K720  |  K720N  |  K730  |  K430  |  K530  |  K830  |  K730A  |  K430A  |  K530A  |  K830A

PAPER FOIL / FILM  :  K726  |  K736  |  K746  |  K657  |  K786

PAPER FILM / FILM  :  K626  |  K636  |  K646  |  K656  |  K686

Double lamination of reflective insulation material onto kraft paper, comes with or without reinforment.
Lamination with premium formula adhesive able to provide fire retardant feature for safety criteria.
Lamination with Polyethylene (PE) layer comes with SUPERIOR moisture and vapor barrier properties.
It improved the product flexibility, impermeable to moisture and vapor even when is creased.
Reinforment can be added to increease the product mechanical strength and durability.
It help to minimise the damage during & after installation.
Insulation material: 
*  >98% reflectivity --> Pure Aluminium Foil   
*  <65% reflectivity --> Aluminium Film / MPET / Metalized Foil

* Without
* Polyester yarn (1-way: line)
* Fiberglass scrim
     3-way: triangle (8x6x6)
     2-way: square (5x5) (8x8)
     2-way: rectangular (16x8)

Application (e.g.):
Building Heat Insulation  -  Mineral Wool Facing Foil -  Bulk Insulation Backing Foil  -  Wall & Floor Heat Insulation  -  Facing Foil for any bulk insulation  -  Industry Packaging  -   etc

Commonly used for bulk insulation wrapping, commercial shop lot, factory, housing, protection for heat sensitive commodity and so on.