(KFACE) Heat Sealable Facing Foil

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Heat Sealable Facing Foil / Backing Layer

Application (e.g.):
Building Roof Heat Insulation  -  Mineral Wool Facing Foil -  Bulk Insulation Backing Foil  -  Wall & Floor Heat Insulation  -  Facing foil for any bulk insulation  -  Industry Packaging  -   etc

Commonly used for bulk insulation wrapping, commercial shop lot, factory, housing, protection for heat sensitive commodity and so on.

* Without kraft
FP         -> Foil PE (Heat Sealable Facing Foil)
FSP       -> Foil Scrim PE (Heat Sealable Facing Foil)

* With kraft
KP         -> Kraft PE (Industrial grade)
FSK PE -> Foil Scrim Kraft with PE (Heat Sealable Kraft Facing Foil)
FKS PE -> Foil Kraft Scrim with PE (Heat Sealable Facing Foil)

Reinforcemnt option:
=> Without
=> Polyester yarn (1-way: line)
=> Fiberglass scrim
        3-way: triangle (8x6x6)
        2-way: square (5x5) (8x8)
        2-way: rectangular (16x8)