(K640A) Single Sided Reflective Vapor Barrier Metalize Woven Film


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SKU: K640A

Dimension: 122 cm (Length) x 10 cm (Width) x 10 cm (Height)

  • Single sided metalized film (high optical density) with high reflectivity (>0.75 - 0.95) and low emissivity surface (<0.05 - 0.25).
  • K640A is three layers with one external layer using metalize film bonded to woven fabric.
  • Laminated to light weight Heigh Tensile Woven Fabrice for extra tear strength and puncture resistance.
  • K640A character is stable and will not deliminate when high temperature or high humidity.
  • Eco friendly, no crumbling or itchy material use


Customize size available upon request and machiene capacity

  • Metal Roofing
  • Concrete/Clay tiles roofing
  • Foil facing for bulk installation
  • Building wrapping
  • Wall heat insulation
  • Roof heat insulation
  • Floor heat insulation
  • Heat sensitive commodity wrapping.
  • Container liner
  • Pallet wrapping
  • Etc


KFOIL K640A Single Sided Metallize Woven Film

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