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K Foil Insulation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the Pioneer of Reflective Insulation Manufacturer & Supplier in Malaysia since 1984. Prior to 1988, it was known as REEFOIL (1984).

K Foil Insulation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd located in Bukit Minyak, Penang, having a decade of experience in manufacturing of Reflective Insulation Foil for Radiant Barrier/Vapor Barrier/Heat Insulation purpose, mainly for Industry, Construction, Air Conditioner HVAC (A/C HVAC), Roofing Application and etc.

We manufacture ''Reflective Insulation Material'' that has got enormous benefits in energy saving for industries, household and to other enormous areas. We believe that this category of insulation is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world and we offer a diversified range of products in the category.

We are proudly saying, for more than 30 years of experience, hundreds of millions of square feet of our products have been installed in residential, commercial, and agricultural structures providing cost effective thermal performance and we are recognized to be specialized in HVAC Ductwork Aluminium Foil under the brand name of KFOIL.

We are confident that our Thermal Insulation/Thermal Hear Insulation, one of our main products, potentially will change the way our industrial and residential buildings are constructed and insulate in the future as to meet the growing demands and requirements for Green Building programs, as well as more stringent building and energy codes. In fact, almost leading energy-efficiency experts have identified radiant barrier and reflective insulation as energy-saving technologies for energy-efficient hove or buildings.

We are looking toward in promoting the GREEN CONCEPT and SUSTAINABLE development of urban infrastructures. If you have any questions or need more details, our customer service team are ready to serve you.
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Empowering today for better tomorrow.
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To create better tomorrow, Continuous Improvement Practice must be embedded in every KFoiler to deliver the best value to our Customers, Employees, Investors, Suppliers, and Society.
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Former company ASEANIA FOILPACK SDN BHD (Formerly product known as REEFOIL, 1984-1988) "Reefoil" is the famous brand and change to KFOIL in early 1990s.

The PIONEER of Reflective Insulation Manufacturer in Malaysia since 1984

Supplier packaging foil for food and flexible duct and etc

Our product majority used for packaging, wrapping for mineral wool or HVAC ducting, construction industry as building insulation for wall, floor or roofing and etc

We are looking toward in promoting the GREEN CONCEPT and SUSTAINABLE development of urban infrastructures

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