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A single lamination of bubble packed with reflective insulation material.
Insulation material either is PURE ALUMINIUM FOIL (>98% reflectivity) or ALUMINIUM FILM / MPET / METALIZED FOIL (<65% reflectivity).
Bubble packed ​is impermeable to moisture and vapor.

Bubble thicknes slightly increase the heat insulation interm of conduction and convection.
Majority heat (>80%) are from Radiation.
The reflective insulation layer is the major effective material as radiant barrier for heat insulation.



Bubble pack criteria:
 *  Thickness : 4mm
 *  Radius      : 10mm
 *  Layer        : single bubble
 *  Color         : transparent

Application (E.g.):
Container House Heat Insulation  -  Building Heat Insulation  -  Roof Heat Insulation  -  Wall heat Insulation  -  Container liner  -  Industry Packaging  -  Heat Insulation Bubble Woven Bag  -  Heat Senitive Commodity Wrapping  -  Palletise Wrapping  -  etc