Industrial Packaging Foil

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Industrial Heat Sealable Packaging Foil (KPACK)
Non Food Grade.

100-120 GSM for Light Duty
    Shine surface : KPACK KP110S
    Dull surface   : KPACK KP110

160-180 GSM for Heavy Duty
    Shine surface : KPACK KP170S
    Dull surface   : KPACK KP170

*  Heat Sealable. Sealable according to the user requirement.
*  Enhance contents protection from moisture
*  Water proof (with proper sealing)
*  Vacuum pack. Special bonding layer to increase product stability

Machine packing  -  Pallet packing  -  Box wrapping  -  Resin packing  -  Cold Room moisture barrier  -  Wall vapor barrier  -  etc