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A single lamination of woven fabric with reflective insulation material.

Premium woven quality provide the product mechanical strength (tensile, tearing etc) and durability.

Lamination with Polyethylene (PE) layer comes with SUPERIOR moisture and vapor barrier properties.
It improved the product flexibility, impermeable to moisture and vapor.

Insulation material: 
*  >98% reflectivity --> Pure Aluminium Foil   
*  <65% reflectivity --> Aluminium Film / MPET / Metalized Foil

Application (e.g.):
Container House Heat Insulation  -  Building Heat Insulation  -  Roof Heat Insulation  -  Wall heat Insulation  -  Container liner  -  Industry Packaging  -  Heat Insulation Woven Bag  -  Heat Senitive Commodity Wrapping  -  Palletise Wrapping  -  etc